I've worked out a system...

yarn harlotI'm alternating between reading the Moonstone (*boo* *hiss*) and something, you know, fun.

Yesterday's fun read was Yarn Harlot. I've been reading Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee's blog for awhile. She's one of those knitters that both inspire me and scare me. lol And this book is a good mix of that as well. Inspiring because wow I could do this too! But scary because wow she's obsessed and if I knit as much as she did I'd never read again. That's so not going to happen.

Ok, so it's primary audience is knitters of course. But I think that everyone who has an interest hobby obsession will understand. Especially you readers. You know what I'm talking about. You have plenty of books on your bookshelves on your floor in piles by your bed all over your house that are just waiting for you to read them. And yet you still go out and buy more. And even worse, which you cannot do with yarn, you can get books from the library too. In the land of readers we call this collection our "piles" or "Mount TBR", in the knitting world it is known as "the stash". I really must say, I've did learn a thing of two about storing the stash. True, it's a wee bit easier to shove a skein of yarn into a small place than a book but I did learn how to creatively think about where to stash books. I mean, the Yarn Harlot hides yarn in her *piano*, although she does suggest removing it before the tuner shows up. Apparently they tend to look upon this type of hoarding as a possible sign of insanity.

She fun. She's a bit snarky. She's a bit crazy. In other words, she's our kind of woman.

If you're a knitter pick it up. Or pick it up for the knitter in your life (although not the crocheter - she said some things about crochet that they will *not* like - I did mention she's snarky right?). Or just anyone you know who seems to collect too much stuff. And the chapters are all individual stories so it makes for great commuting reading, but it did make me laugh out loud so be prepared for crazy looks from your fellow commuters. And it may leave you wanting to knit a sock...maybe not a pair but definitely a sock...
Pst - she's Canadian too! It should be available in the US though - she has a good following with American knitters. If you can't get the book check out her blog.