Good news

Just got off the phone with my mother. The surgery went well but they want to keep my brother in overnight for observation.  He has a lot of stitches.  The way my mother described it was start by putting your finger at your ear where you put in your earring, go up behind your ear and around your eye (I'm not sure if it's up or down) and by your nose. That's a lot of stitches. Apparently his lower eyelid looks really good. 

He'll have to go back so they can take care of his stitches and do check ups. We're not sure when or how often. Just keep your fingers crossed that it's NOT on the 22nd because that's graduation day for my nephew. 

One of the doctors also said that it was serious and should have been treated a long time ago. sigh. We're not sure exactly what this means at this point. There may be radiation in his future.  

But so far things are good even if they have to stay an extra night.