We Beat the Street (SRC#2)

we beat the streetWe Beat the Street by Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, Rameck Hunt, and Sharon M. Draper was an after-school special in book form. The premise is that three guys from Newark make a pact not to cave into the negative influence of the street and to support each other in their goal of going to college. Good for them. But the pact doesn't come into play until half way through the book.

They really glossed over pretty much everything. Sure, there were moments that showed how bad the streets were, but they were pretty sanitized and glossed over. Both Samson and Rameck spent time in jail as teens, neither telling the other. George seems to have stayed out of trouble (what was he doing instead??? No idea.). Overall, it just seems as they all got really lucky. That's not to say that they didn't work hard and weren't talented, but there was definitely an element of luck there.

It's aimed at teens and I think that maybe they made it too simplistic. And they completely sped through the college and med school years, the years for which they *had* the pact.

Meh, I wouldn't put it on any "must read" lists.