Tea and Pomegranates

tea and pomegranatesNazneen Sheikh's Tea and Pomegranates has been on my request list at the library *forever*. Seriously. Since at least October or November. This is part of the reason why my request list has gotten so bloody large - sometimes it just takes a really long time to get a book.

This book is part memoir and part history. Skeikh manages to weave the history of Kashmir into the discussion of memories of the dishes her family used to prepare. And as a bonus, at the end of each chapter there's a recipe. Yay recipes! I don't think I'm going to attempt any of the recipes although the gajrela (Kashmiri carrot pudding) is intriguing and I figure I could likely handle the pink tea even though the idea of using baking powder in brewing tea seems a bit strange.

The one world that comes to mind when I think about this is rich. It's rich in memories and history and the food sounds very rich and delectable.

This is a Canadian book but I'm hoping it's available in US libraries. There must be a way for me to search via my library but I haven't figured out how yet and the library site isn't working properly tonight.