The Canadian Housewife (SRC Book #1)

the canadian housewifeI really wish I knew how I found out about Rosemary Neering's The Canadian Housewife but I really can't remember. The book consists of 8 chapters, each chapter covering a different era, starting with New France and ending in 1959. Each chapter splits the role of the housewife into different categories such as wife, mother, nurse, cook etc. There was even a section for "laundress" and all the laundry talk made me think of Denise. And in every section there were recipes which made me think of TW. ;)

The book is set up similarly to a text book. It's a larger size and has lots of pictures and notes in the sidebar. And that brings me to my one real complaint about this book. The side columns of the book were way too busy. I found them very distracting because I wanted to read what they said but then when I stopped to read them it detracted from the flow of the actual text. I eventually stopped reading most of them, which is too bad because they did tend to be interesting, but they were simply too distracting. They were mostly anecdotal information, and I love anecdotes, but they could have been pared down a lot and used more effectively.

I found it to be a nice review of Canadian women's history for me and it would be a nice introduction to it. It also has a good bibliography and I pulled some book titles from it to add to my list of books to read (which just keeps getting longer and longer and longer).

(Side note: this wasn't news to me since I wrote a paper on the legalization of birth control back in my university days but my uterus cringes and whimpers when I read about women douching with Lysol. Man I love hormonal birth control. Thank you Pierre Elliot Trudeau.)