Mouse 4 Cat 0

I've seen the mouse twice now.  When it first came walking into the apartment from the gap under the door (which goes out to the laundry) room as if the damn thing was invited in. The cat didn't notice a damn thing. 

Then when I went to put a pot away it scurried from under the stove to under the fridge. I was in it's path. I did the quintessential girly thing and screamed and jumped on top of the couch.  While still holding onto the pot. Piper again, did not notice that.

Mouse appears out from under fridge.  Piper gets to be within a foot from it and DOESN'T NOTICE A DAMN THING!

Mouse eventually makes it move. Piper notices it when it RUNS RIGHT UNDERNEATH HER.

Mouse is currently hiding under TV stand.  Piper is sniffing around the couch - 4 feet away. 

My cat sucks.