Mount TBR June 5

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The more things change, the more they stay the same...

As last time - all the books that are standing up properly are ones I own and all the ones on their sides are library books, including the Moonstone, which is on top of the ones I own. I couldn't bring myself to buy it again. lol And the pile on the other side was getting too tall.

I really hope no other books come for me from the library. I think I have a few DVDs on their way to me but please, please no books...for at least a week!

Sorry it's a bit blurry. When I turn off the flash it doesn't focus as well but with the flash on it made the books too glarey to read the titles (not that you can exactly read them all here either). I have to say taking a picture of the pile is a lot easier than typing out all the titles in the pile!

Edit: NUTS! I just ran over another book that's supposed to be in the pile with my chair No worries! It's not a library book! But for the sake of my sanity pretend that there's a copy of Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston in the pile too. I'll be with the books that I own. lol