That money thing...

Announcing the Canada Day Weekend Financial Update

I haven’t blogged about finances in awhile. For a variety of reasons.  But it’s time for updates. I had started one long rant but I decided it had to be broken down into pieces. So expect several personal finance and debt related posts over the day couple of days. I have a lot of think about, a lot to say, and possibly a bit of weeping (interest sucks).

Why I’ve been avoiding the money talk

So it’s been awhile since I blogged about money. I’ve been avoiding it. I have not been budgeting (but I haven’t run out of money either, yay me). I’ve been doing a shit ass job of putting money in savings. I went shopping for clothes. (I kinda seriously needed summer stuff though for those rare days where I actually leave my apartment and I didn’t spend an obscene amount of money.)

Also…I’ve been waiting on my new contract. And honestly, stressing the hell out.  You see, the week before my vacation we had a lovely company-wide meeting and were suddenly and surprisingly informed (well sudden and surprising for some and especially for many of us who work remotely) that the company was eliminating about 50 jobs. Some people would just plain be let go and others would be redeployed within the parent company.  And it would mostly be contractors.  I sat there knowing my contract was up in three weeks. 


During that meeting and afterward my immediate manager reassured me that I was fine. And at that point I was (although they let some people I liked working with go, sigh). When I got back from vacation I was assured that my contract was coming, that it had been extended to the end of the year (I gave up on any thoughts of a permanent position after that meeting). All week I waited. And worried. I worried that it wouldn’t be extended after all. I worried about a pay cut. I worried that I would lose benefits. 

Finally yesterday it arrived. Same rate of pay and keeping my bennies.  I wilted with relief. In reality I likely could have afforded a small pay decrease but um…really didn’t want one (who does) and it would have made me freak out.  And I don't use the bennies that often (and medical benefits are not as huge a deal in Canada as they are for you Americans) but there is a great amount of comfort knowing that they are there.

So now I know that unless our company has to downsize again (which they really, really hope they don’t because we aren’t an overly large company and they hated doing it) that I’m ok to the end of the year. But I’m not sure what’s going on after that. 

So now I’m sitting here, needing to really get a handle on my finances and planning what I can do over the next 6 months.

And I hate it.

I hate it.

I hate it.