I had to run errands today. And then I just wanted to do stuff - like watch movies. And since I was going to Blockbuster I might as well go to the LCBO since they are nice and next-door to Blockbuster (seriously how convenient is that???).

I had wanted to go to the LCBO anyway. I'm out of wine. And it's Canada Day.

Canada Day = beer.

Sadly I can't think of any other beverage or food that equals Canada Day. Just beer. Errr Canadian beer that is. American beer not so much (although I do have a certain fondness for Mr. Samuel Adams, he's ok, he can hang out with us Canucks).

I was absolutely tickled pink when I walked into the LCBO and saw that there was a new issue of the Food & Drink Magazine. Yes, I'm excited about a magazine that the liquor store puts out. And no, I'm not strange. Everyone I know lusts after these things. And since I never know when they are coming out, I'm apt to miss them and they fly like hotcakes and then I get sad when I don't get one. Again, you are asking why.

It's simple. Food & Drink has some of the best damn recipes out there. They just sound sooooo good. I've sampled some others have made and they are damned tasty.

And the food porn. My god the food porn.

I haven't even cracked open this issue yet. But I will do that sometime of the course of this long weekend. And I shall drool over the recipes and the food porn.