All I want is a room somewhere

Far away from EVERYBODY.

I want a room which doesn't share a wall with anyone else. With no one above me. And no one below me. 


Fun events for this Friday? Neighbours do *something* (I'm not quite sure what) that causes a circuit to break. So they come down to the circuit breaker, which in in the laundry room, and proceed to flip EVERY DAMN circuit breaker plunging my apartment into darkness and startling  the CRAP out of me.  And then they go upstairs and come back down. Swear a lot and talk very loudly (keep in mind this is right outside my door) about how they can't fix it, that the landlord told them if they screwed up stuff in other people's apartments they'd be responsible for damages (because apparently whatever they did was stupid and avoidable and not because of faulty wiring) which caused Her to whine and Him to swear a lot more. So then they flip all the circuits AGAIN plunging me into darkness AGAIN.  Swearing and banging commences and then they leave. 

It also appears that Her mother is over as He is down in the laundry room (again right outside my door) smoking his bong. You know, it's one thing when they do it in their apartment (which sometimes is annoying because I can smell it) but I really hate it when they smoke up in common areas. Especially when that common area is about 8 feet from where I'm sitting. You know?