The photos are up here. I meant to take many more but stuff got in the way. And I didn't have a change to make it to the beach and everywhere else that I wanted to go and take pictures. I was too busy and then the one day I wasn't it rained all day. :( They kinda uploaded in random order. Deal with it.

Day 1 - Monday
My trip started off we me hauling my butt out of bed at 4am, getting ready, calling a cab, getting to the airport really early and waiting forever to board my flight. It wasn't late or anything, I was just early. Luckily there was a Starbucks. Yay Starbucks. The flight to PEI was pretty good, no annoying children, but my little TV didn't work for half the flight. I love that West Jet has individual satellite TVs. I watched TLC. ;-)

When I got to PEI I met my dad and waited for my luggage. Some annoying woman shoved herself in front of me at the baggage claim area along with her 2 friends and proceeded to almost spill coffee on me. That made me cranky. But I eventually got out of the airport but then couldn't get otu of the parking lot because some idiot was blocking the pay booth I needed and that pissed me off even further. Took my father to lunch, dropped him off at home and then drove to my town (Dad lives in a different town...well he doesn't really live in a town, it's more like a subdivision).

Mom was at work so I went to Calleen's place. Well...her parent's place. Whatever. We cooked 30lbs of lobster. Then put them in the beer fridge. Then we jumped in the pool to get the smell of lobster off us. Then sat in the sun to dry and I had a yummy beer. Not a bad way to start a vacation eh?

I also got to meet her doggie. Say hi to Bunker everyone!

Eventually her parents, brother and husband came home (they were golfing) and her grandma came over. Then we all settled in to an all you can eat lobster dinner. There were 30lbs of lobster and 7 people. Calleen doesn't eat lobster and her husband didn't either. You do the math. There were obviously lots of leftover sea bugs.

Later that night went home and Mom wasn't home yet so I went to my sister's place. There she was, dropping my nephew off because he had just gotten off work. Found out that he was NOT graduating. He missed one credit. Quel bummer. After getting home and giving Mom her prezzies I was quickly filled in on the local news. The night before I got home a local man died in a car accident and was informed I was making a lasagna for his family the next day. Thanks Mom. Actually I make TWO lasagnas - one for his family and one for Mom. Leave to my mom to find a way to make me cook lasagna in June... Headed to the grocery store to shop for lasagna fixings (no Sunday shopping in PEI!) then home to bed.

Day 2 - Sunday

Got up early (I didn't really sleep well the entire time I was there). Was woken up by the ambulance and emergency response vehicle going by at 6am. There was a car accident and a 16yo girl died. Her boyfriend, the driver, was sent to the hospital and had surgery. Heard rumours through out the day that he had died as well but he hadn't. Last I heard he was in an induced coma.

Had lasagnas cooked before 10:30am (and that includes the sauce). Conned my brother G (he's doing well post surgery by the way) into going to buy me coffee (Timmy's double-double). He went away for a bit and came back with this for me from brother R.

Sea bugs! Free sea bugs! The best type.
Ended up seeing half my family that day. Had to drive my sister and nephew to brother W's house no less than twice. He was fixing their cars.

I have no idea what I did for the rest of the day. I'm sure it involved lots of driving and I'm fairly certain that I ended up taking a nap at some point. I think I also ended up at my uncle's house to order more lobster for later in the week (he's a fisherman). Ate lobster for dinner (day 2 of lobster).

Day 3: Monday

Took nephew to school to talk to his teacher. Or rather to try. When we got there she was talking to some students that were upset about their classmates death and then had to go into a really, really long meeting. There were supposed to be exams that day at the school but they were postponed to the end of the week. The grad banquet that night was just simply cancelled. (A student died during my grad exam period too. sigh This was the second student to die this school year, double sigh.) Took nephew back to Mom's and he helped me roll the coins my father had been saving for the last two years for me. About 1 hour later we had almost $150 in rolled coins. He got $20 for helping me and then I treated him, his sister and his mom to chinese take out for lunch.

Made TW's mock chicken salad with real chicken for dinner. Mom loved it. No clue what else I did that day.

Taking a break now. Piper is whining for dinner and this is getting loonngggg.