PEI Part 2

Day 4: Tuesday

Had to take my sister to Charlottetown so she could pay off a loan (yay her!). I got over to her place and could swear a heard a cat. I did, I did, I did hear a puddy-tat!

This is Chloe. Chloe is a boy. He's also 6 weeks old. He's cute but tiny. I think he's about the size of Piper's head. When I got back I marveled over how LARGE Piper was for at least two days. We played with Chloe for a bit and then went to Charlottetown. Came back and played with Chloe a bit more. That's really how I spent most of my day.

On the way home from my sister's went to Greco's and got a veggie pizza and garlic fingers (with donair sauce for dipping) for supper. Mmmmm Greco. My back was bothering me so I talked Mom into going for a walk on "the trail". It's Confederation Trail officially I think. Basically they turned all of the provinces old railway tracks into recreational trails (the railways hasn't operated in PEI since I was a little kid). The ones near towns are really frequently used. I think it's an excellent idea.

Then home to bed and rest cause Mom took the next day off work so we could do stuff. :)

Day 5: Wednesday

Mom and I headed off to Charlottetown. We wanted to go to Cora's for breakfast but when we got there it was closed. So we ate at a local coffeeshop/diner and then puttered around the marina area. I bought a bunch of books. And then some stuff at Paderno. And we got Cow's ice-cream. We went into all the little shops and browsed. It was nice. :) Then when we got tired of walking we went to Walmart to buy a few things and then to the North River causeway where we didn't buy anything. Then I called my dad to tell him I'd be there soon to take him shopping and found out that he was pissed off at me. I found this out because he said "I'm really pissed" and then he hung up on me. APPARENTLY when I told him I'd be in town Wednesday afternoon he thought that should mean I should be there at about 1pm. Right after lunch. It was 3pm when I called him. So he then PISSED me off. However I held my temper (oh such a rare occasion that is...) and called him back and asked him if he still wanted me to go shopping or if he would like to just have his car back (he was loaning it to me for the week). He said I could take him to buy cigarettes but he didn't want to go to the grocery store. So I picked him up (it took us about 15 minutes to get there from where we were) and took him to the corner store where he bought cigarettes and I presume some food. Then I took him back home. And then I went to Mom's place (Mom was soooooooo pissed he was pissed at me and hung up on me...I honestly don't know how the hell those two ever married...). I had to run over to my sister's for something and while I was there Mom went and made the jam without me. sigh. Oh well, I got jam but I didn't get to have her show me how to make it myself.

Day 6: Thursday

Should have been grad day but wasn't for nephew. That morning I ran down to my uncles and picked up the lobsters for supper. We were supposed to get about 10 lobsters. We ended up with more than twice that much. Then home to cook the little suckers. Man lobsters STINK. Once they cooked and where cool enough for me to handle I then had to clean the suckers (do you have room for more than 20 unshelled lobsters in your fridge??? didn't think so). THat took quite awhile. Then it was 2pm and I hadn't eaten so I picked up my niece and nephew and went to eat at Gillis' Drive-in (yes to carhops, no to rollerskates). Then home to make potato salad, etc to finish off our lobster cold plates. At some point in the afternoon I had to go to the liquor store to buy supplies for the boys for the grad party (with their parent's permission so if you want to lecture about underage drinking go find your own soapbox, this is mine). Then I was on DD duty because I didn't want the boys to take a car to the party (besides, who do you think would have to drive them back there to get it??? Right, exactly, Auntie Monkey). After the grad ceremony I dropped the boys off at the grad party around 11:30. It was parent supervised in a field in the middle of nowhere. lol They had generators and food and a sound system. Parents on duty all night. Lots of room for people to park their cars and no one was allowed to drive if they had been drinking. There were also police check-points on the road to the party. We passed with flying colours but only cause I was well above legal age (which is 19 there). The boys might not have gotten their alcohol in otherwise.

Last full day: Friday

Got the call to pick up the boys at 4:45. I had expected 5. I was close. Fuzzily climbed in the van and went and picked them up. Minus one boy who had gotten sick during the course of the night and someone drove him home earlier. There were other adults on pick up duty too.

Crawled back into bed for a few hours. Woke up tired. It was raining and rained all day. It was supposed to be my beach day. I ran around and did a few minor errands and sat on the couch and read most of the day. Washed my father's van. Had even more lobster for dinner that evening. Packed. Put my suitcase in the van with mom's help and then she accidentally wedged my finger with the suitcase which hurt like hell and I cried out (ok I yelled out). But I wasn't yelling at her, just in pain (I'm vocal when I'm hurt). But she was tired and acted as though I was yelling at her even though she knew I wasn't. She was tired and upset cause I was leaving and I was tired and upset because she was mad at me when I wasn't the one she wanted to be mad at (I think she really wanted to be mad at my brother, he was being an ass that night). So we ended the night upset with each other and then when I got up in the morning she was already gone to work.


Woke up feeling like crap. Showered. Packed the last of my stuff. Drove to Charlottetown and drove around wasting time. Then went and got my father to give him back his van and have him drop me off at the airport. He made some snide remark about how he didn't see much of me. This is the thing with my father. He doesn't DO anything. He doesn't like to go out and do anything in public. We struggle to carry on a conversation for more than 5 minutes. He doesn't watch movies. He just plain doesn't do anything. I'm not sure what he expected us to do. So that pissed me off when I was already upset about my mother. Needless to say I was not in a good mood by the time I got to the airport. Checked in. Waited to board. Boarded. Was thankful that I wasn't too close to any of the screaming children and very thankful for the satellite tv and headphones. Landed. Got my luggage. Took a cab home (I could barely lift my suitcase, no way was I gonna try to maneuver it on public transit. Plus I was in a MOOD.). Got home. Collapsed. Had a wicked headache. Got a call from Mom when she got home from work and we got things straightened out (she knew I wasn't yelling at her, etc.). Headache worse. Went to bed early and slept for about 13 hours.

End of trip.