Emma - SRC #6

emma jane austenI've tried to read Jane Austen's Emma so many times but I always got bored or frustrated or kind of felt like I more or less knew what was going to happen so why bother reading it at all? I'm pretty sure I've attempted this no less than 5 times previously. But apparently without much conviction as I was able to finish it rather quickly (3 days) and without much trouble*.

My biggest issue with Emma (the book) is that I'm really not fond of Emma (the character). Well, for most of the book anyway. She does eventually redeem herself somewhat. But she's not a character that you can love the same way you love Elizabeth Bennett. There are days where I think that one of the worst things that I ever did was not only read Pride and Prejudice first among Austen's works, but I read it first at a young and impressionable age. But because I did Lizzie and Mr. Darcy are the standard by which all other characters must be compared to and it's a pretty darned high bar.

I think after a few Austen books (I haven't read that much Austen so at least among the ones I've read) you start to see some similar plot devices so when faces with what you believe to be an unlovable character you don't see the point in continuing.

Definitely not my favourite Austen but I'm glad that I can say I finished it. And that the cad was less of a cad than I expected.
* The not much trouble refers to the fact that this particular version - the Everyman edition - told of a future event pertaining to one of the (minor but kinda important) characters in the notes which furthered my belief that I knew what was going to happen. The notes in this case are asterisks beside certain words that either define them or give additional information as to their context. Also, as I was reading this last night before bed, I dreamt that I couldn't avoid an association with a Miss Fairfax. I shall be glad to have Emma out of my subconscious. ;)