As I was cooking dinner tonight I started to seriously think about cancelling my organic produce delivery. It's not that it's not a good service. It is. Really. But as I was adding spinach to my pasta tonight I realized I was doing so because I BOUGHT the spinach with the INTENT of using it for a few dishes this week. Instead of being directed by what I had on hand I was being directed by what I wanted. And because all the produce in my fridge was purposely purchased I'm purposely using it.

I started off strong with the delivery thing but I think I got tired of juggling vegetables that I normally wouldn't buy (or wouldn't buy so many all at once) and too much fruit. Plus I've discovered that my butcher also sells organic fruits and vegetables so they are much more accessible to me than they used to be.

I'm thinking about...but leaning towards cancelling...for the moment at least.