Lobster withdrawl?

The last few days I've been utterly exhausted. Just after lunch today marked 48 hours home and I had slept for at least 22 of them. I got THIRTEEN hours on Saturday night. I went to bed at NINE last night. I woke up and got out of bed BEFORE my alarm this morning (ok, mostly cause I really, really had to pee but I was also really really awake). Before I logged into my computer I had already finished my morning coffee and novel. Something is clearly not right here. I generally roll out of bed as late as I can and still be conscious when logging into my computer.

Was being home and around family and people so much really that exhausting?

Or maybe I'm suffering from lobster withdrawl? I did have it four out of seven days (I've never eaten so much lobster in such a short period in my life EVER).

I'll post more about my vacation when I actually get around to uploading pictures. And when I'm not falling asleep into my keyboard.

(Aside from being really tired I'm also really thirsty...weird).

(And I really need to edit the categories on this blog...sigh...that'll be a rainy day project.)