For the searchers

The last couple of days people have found this blog by searching for the "squeaky sand beach pei".

It's Basin Head Provinical Park, near Souris, in King's County. You may be having trouble locating it because the locals call them "singing sands".

You're welcome.

Editing to add (I looked further in the search history)

To the person who searched for "weight loss pills you can buy at Zellers" DON'T DO IT. Please. Those things aren't good for you. Honestly if you are looking to lose weight I can refer you to good sites. I could even bug Denise to help (she knows what she's talking about).

Welcome X-Weighted fans. I love that show. :)

To people searching for brazillian waxing - BE CAREFUL. Test patch if you have even slightly sensitive skin. My experience WAS.NOT.PRETTY. And be very careful where you go. My doctor told me of some of her other patients (not mentioning names of course) who got NASTY STUFF from brazillian and bikini waxes.
To the person who wants to know if they can dye their hair three days in a row - it's not recommended. I'm not saying you can't but um, it could be very bad.