Bed Rest SRC Book #5

bed restI have to say that Sarah Bilston's Bed Rest surprised me. I thought that it might just be a standard chick-lit and that it would bore me completely the way that most do nowdays but it was actually pretty interesting.

"Q" is a New York City lawyer married to another NYC lawyer. Unsurprisingly they both work a lot and hardly ever see each other and are both highly stressed out individuals. Q finds herself suddenly placed on bedrest when her doctor discovers that her amniotic fluid is low and is placing her baby in danger.So she goes from working crazy hours to facing 3 months of bed rest. Like most of us she thinks this is going to be fun, a breeze even. Then the reality of the boredom settles in. And she finds ways to get herself into trouble. She gets caught up in an affair a friend is having with a married man. She starts to question her own relationship with her hardly ever present husband. She examines her relationships with her immediate family. You know - all the stuff we tend to do when we have nothing to do but lie on our left side and think.

I think I'm going to place this in the beach read category. I read it in my few remaining hours of my vacation. That counts right?

(And it's a Challenge book cause I own it, just in case anyone was curious...).

Up next in the SRC books - Emma (a book I've started a bunch of times and never finished...). Plus I have the DVD and it needs to be returned a week from today so I have a deadline for when to finish the book AND the dvd. I can do it...I have nothing to watch on TV now that everything is in reruns anyway. ;)