Vacation Purchases

Yes so my hometown doesn't have a bookstore but I was able to go to Charlottetown and stumble into a few bookstores there. The first one I stopped at was The Reading Well on Water Street. I went in to get A Century of Excellence which I think is going to be one of my history selections for the Summer Reading Challenge. For those of you who have read Anne of Green Gables the Prince of Wales College is the basis for Queens College where Anne goes to study to be a teacher.

I also left with two other books.

Murder at Mussel Cove is written by someone from my hometown. He used to teach at my high school (I think...I know he taught but it may have been in another school) but retired to write before I got there. I went to school with several of his children. The only book of his I've read before it one of his children's books called Chung Lee Loves Lobsters which meant to buy for Davyn but I forgot (I'll either order it at some point or pick it up on my next trip). I hope I like it but it's a mystery and well, I'm not a mystery girl.

And my final purchase from the Reading Well was Duet. According to the owner David Helwig is a really good but under-noticed local author. If I like it I may order another book by him called The Time of Her Life. I bought this solely on the recommendation of the owner and I hope I like it. We both liked Three Day Road but had different opinions on Reading Lolita in Tehran (he liked it, I didn't).

After wandering around for awhile we stopped by a couple of second hand book stores and I found an old girls book that I bought for about $10. I think it's called A Girl's Life but I can't locate it at the moment (I'm not exactly unpacked yet) and can't remember the name of the store (The Book Emporium maybe?) but it's on Queen street a few doors away from the Bookman (the Bookman's owner is an asshole - I had read that but didn't really remember him being an ass but he barely let us inside the store and evicted us as quickly as possible - he didn't want to let us browse at all - asssssssssshooooooollllllleeeeeee).