I'm back!

And yeah, I didn't read all the books I brought with my but it was nice to have options. :) I also ended up doing some shopping at a small independent bookstore. Yay! Ok, so what did I read???

1. The Men I Didn't Marry

It was ok. A good beach read even though I really didn't make it to the beach. Hallie and her husband drop their youngest kid off at college and on the way home he tells her he's leaving her. Her process of healing was to look up all her ex's - the men she didn't marry - and find out what is goign on with them. She had 4 ex's and some are a lot more involved in the story than others. Wasn't great, wasn't horrible and it only took a couple of hours to read.

2. A Private Hotel for Gentle Ladies

Should have been interesting, possibly even a bit trashy, but really wasn't. It was a snore. Do yourself a favour and just skip it.

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3. Endymion Spring - Summer Reading Challenge Book #4. I've been looking forward to this one for awhile. I ordered it in March and it was on backorder so I didn't get it until sometime in May. You've all seen my TBR piles so you understand why I haven't read it. But I took it with me on vacation and read it in a day. It's definitely a book for booklovers.

Blake is a little boy whose mother is a visiting scholar at Oxford studying old world volumes. His little sister, the very intelligent Duck, is with them as well. His father is back in the US and indications seem to be that the parents are on the verge of splitsville. Blake is running his fingers along a row of books in the library when one BITES him. The book title says "Endymion Spring" and the pages are blank but seem to quiver. Endymion Spring takes him on all kinds of adventures...

I really enjoyed this book even though the ending was a bit trite and unoriginal. It will be coming out in the US in August (in hardcover but a very cheap hardcover).

Books started but not finished:

4. Summer Reading Challenge Book # <s>5</s> 7 (I'm soooo behind...and it took me longer to finish this than I thought. I finished two other books for the challenge in the meantime.) Let Them Eat Flax

Dr. Joe! I like Dr. Joe. I had hoped to finish this one while in PEI so I could leave it with my mother but I had given her another Dr. Joe book and she said that would take her a long time to finish anyway. Dr Joe books are good for commuting because each chapter is only a few pages long. This one is about the science of food and everyday life - usually health related. I should be finish it up on work breaks in a week or two depending on what else I have on my TBR shelf.

Yay Dr. Joe!

5. How happy to be - I had been looking forward to this one but meh, I'm not loving it at the moment. I started it yesterday morning and probably only have about 100 pages left. I should finish it in a day or two.