How Happy to Be

how happy to beMeh.

Katrina Onstad's How Happy To Be is another story about someone in the publishing industry who doesn't really like their job and kinda wants to be fired and all the while is going out and getting drunk or high most nights. Probably a little bit older than most chick-lit characters at 35. Oops. I'm not supposed to call this chick-lit because it's Canadian-lit and as a twist the main character grew up on a commune and her mother is dead instead of meddling.

But again I say meh. I first heard about this on CBC Radio (most likely Sounds like Canada - where else would I hear about such books?) and it sounded like it was funny. But I think they mentioned all the funny bits on the radio.

I was bored most of the time. I think I don't like reading about party girls, even when they are getting to the point where they don't like it.

Now...what to read next???? I'll keep plugging away at Let them Eat Flax but it's mostly short essays and I will go crazy without something with a plot on the go as well. Maybe Banners of Silk? Or Bed Rest? Or A Great and Terrible Beauty? Or The Virgin Blue? Or something else???

I'm back to the land of too many choices but for a change it's not too many library books since I've made most of my holds temporarily inactive. What I ought to do is plug away at some books for the SRC because I'm hopelessly behind at the moment. *sob*