Back from the beach!

I'm back. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of making jam because my mother went ahead and MADE IT WITHOUT ME. I was over at my sisters and when I got back she was bottling it. HMPH.

Pictures of lobster will appear at some point. I ate a lot of lobster. Actually I ate lobster 4 out 7 days. That's a lot of lobster. I either helped cook or cooked (on various days) about 40 lbs of the suckers. Perhaps now is a good time to mention that in PEI we do lobster different than most people are used to doing in restaurants. In PEI lobster is more or less an all you can eat event. You cook a bunch of it, you let it cool, you sit down at a table with appropriate sides - usually potato salad (hey, this is PEI after all) and rolls or biscuits - and dig in. Because we don't have enough room in our fridge (and the little suckers are stinky) I had to cook over 20 lobsters by myself on Thursday and then clean all the damned things. The thumb on my right hand is all cut to hell from picking hash, something normal for me. My mother was terrified it was going to get infected. That happened to me one before (not fish poisoning, which we originally feared though, just a general infection). Someday I need to teach Mikey how to shell a lobster. I almost bought him a coffee mug with instructions on it. ;)

In terms of goodies, I came back with 3 bottles of fresh homemade raspberry jam, 1 bottle of homemade crabapple jelly and 1 bottle of homemade mustard pickles. I couldn't find anyone who had homemade bread and butter pickles but I'm hoping some will show up at the farmer's market during the summer.

I also hit the Paderno Factory Store on the boardwalk and picked up a 2 litre casserole pot with lid for $40 (original price $142!).  

And then I really splurged and bought myself some Paderno knives. Unfortunately they don't have pictures of the set I bought but it was a two piece professional Asian set that came with a paring knife and a 7-inch Santoku/Granton knife. You cannot believe how LIGHT these knives are.  Which is good for me because I'm a weakling.  

I'll try to post pictures soon. :)