I hate packing

I really, really do. I'm always one of those last minute packing people. This time it's a bit less than last minute but you know what I mean. 

I think I've emailed everyone I need to email...I think...

I've almost finished my laundry. The last load is in the dryer (almost done) and I'll have to throw some stuff in my suitcase and that should be it for clothes.  (Must remember to put in socks...) 

Books are packed. 

I'll need to throw some stuff in my suitcase tomorrow morning but I think I'm mostly packed. I hope I'm mostly packed. I know I'm going to be in a blind panic tomorrow morning because I always am.

I'll also sleep like CRAP tonight because I'll be paranoid about missing my flight.  I'm setting two alarms. lol

I just looked online and apparently there's a Starbucks at my terminals. It better be there. If I get there at 6am tomorrow morning to find out that there isn't, I'm not going to be a happy Monkey. 

I'm blabbing. I know. I have a wee bit of nervous energy at the moment...