Anybody Out There?

anybody out thereYou know...after reading Marian Keyes' Anybody Out There I realized that I really don't love the Walsh family as much I remember. This is the 4th book about the Walsh family: Watermelon is about Claire (I hated Watermelon, really hated it); Rachel's Holiday is about well, Rachel (I did like this one quite a bit); Angel is about Maggie (I hate Maggie, as her sisters say she's a lickarse).

I think the hardest part for me was remembering who Anna was, most likely because I remember her as her old drifter self and not as New York City career girl. It confused me for awhile. I feel like I missed out on the part where she stopped being a drifter but I really don't feel like rereading Angel to see if it's in there (if anyone knows, let me know because I only really remember Anna from Rachel's Holiday and Watermelon).

I don't think Anybody Out There is going to go really high on my list. It was ok. It wasn't great. It wasn't horrible. I don't like the whole psychic crap. But hey, since it's set in NYC the Real Men made an appearance. I had totally forgotten about the Real Men and it made me really want to reread Rachel's Holiday.

It wouldn't be a bad choice if you were going away for the weekend and you just wanted to take one book with you because in the fashion of Irish women writers this thing is flipping huge. What is up with that? Why do Marian Keyes and Maeve Binchy write big-ass books? Ok, Nights of Rain and Stars wasn't as huge but you know what I'm saying. I'm not really complaining, they make for great reading on the 5 hour train ride between Montreal and Toronto. Especially if you get stuck because of a derailment and are in Belleville, which you been transported to by a SCHOOL BUS, when you are supposed to be getting into Toronto. But that's another story. And when you read one of these on the subway people look at you strangely for reading a big-book. Sorry, babbling. Avoiding cleaning and doing dishes and cleaning out the fridge and all that. Anyway, my point was that I'm really happy that I don't have to pack this massive 600 page hardcover in my suitcase cause it's damned heavy. Hmmm maybe I'll throw that Maeve Binchy paperback I've had lying around the house unread into my suitcase instead seeing as I wasn't banking on starting, let alone finishing, this book before I left.

(And I always end these books wanting to run around saying "feck" and "eejit".)