A Dirty Job

a dirty job chris mooreNot surprising at all but I loved Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job. I loved this so much that I missed seeing every goal in the hockey game last night. I'd look up and go "Hey! They scored! When did that happen???" (And really, who expects there to be a goal in the first 16 seconds of play???)

Also this book confirmed that I am soooo not allowed to read Christopher Moore books in public. They cause spontaneous laughter and should I ever read them in public I'm know I'm going to get crazy lady looks. You know the ones I mean. The ones where people look at you either like they are wondering if you are off your meds or as though they are wondering what meds you are on and where they can get some. This would go over really well on one of the streetcars near my house that is prone to have seriously crazy people on it. My personal favourite was the one that told me that she was only talking to me because I wasn't really there. I said ok and that seemed to please her because she turned around and didn't talk to me any more.

So yeah, it made me laugh and I'm sure it will make you laugh too. Assuming you have a slightly twisted sense of humour and really hope you do cause it makes life so much more bearable.

Good book post-Moonstone. And a very good book if you having a sucky week. It's easy to forget about a shitty week when you are reading about death and lime green suits and hellhounds and sewer harpies. Really, I swear!