Packing sucks

It does. It really does. Mind you a lot of things about today suck. I'll be kind to you and not list them because I don't want to bum anyone out and I really don't want to think anymore about the suckage that was today any more.

So on to packing sucks. Why does packing suck? There are many reasons. As to why packing sucks right now - I can't figure out how many books to pack and what ones they should be.

The original plan was to pack only books I own to take with me to PEI. But that's not gonna work when I have a bunch of books, that I can't renew, due back at the library two days after I return. And they are good books y'all. I should be finished with A Dirty Job before I leave but even if I get to Anybody Out There? I won't finish it before 4am on Saturday (I have to get up at 4am on a Saturday - ewwwwwwwwwwwww). Also in the library pile are How Happy to Be (I've been on the hold list *forever* for this one), and The Men I Didn't Marry (tell me that doesn't sound like a beach read). I may need to throw A Private Hotel for Gentle Ladies into that as well.

In the books that I own that I was planning to take with me - Night Watch (it *will* be my plane read...assuming I don't get queasy although I've only had that issue in cars and buses and streetcars), Endymion Spring, Candy Freak, Let them Eat Flax (SRC book), and oodles more to choose from.

I generally read 2.5 books in an average week. I'll be there Saturday to Saturday. But in PEI I won't have internet and only basic cable. But I will have a car. But pretty much everyone I know will be working during that day so I'll probably mostly either drive around or if it's warm enough, hang out at the beach (completely drenched with SPF 45 sunblock and wearing a hat). I'll hang out with my mother in the evenings but she won't be getting home until 6 or 7 most days and will likely be in bed around 9 or 9:30 at the latest. One day will likely be taken up with grad activities for my nephew. Aside from the airplane and waiting at the airport I won't get any reading done on the day I get there because I'll be having lunch with my dad, then heading to my best friend's parent's place and hanging out until after dinner (lobster and beer!!!) and then heading home to see my mom. Sunday will be Mom day because it's the only day she definitely has off. She's hoping to take off another day. I'm looking at 3-4 days with absolutely no plans except cooking dinner.