How about 8???

Yes, PEI means Prince Edward Island. I grew up there so it's not really "exciting" but I'm most definitey happy since I haven't been back in 2 years and this will only be my second time back in 5.5 years. Red dirt, lobster, and sandy beaches. There are worse places to visit. ;) It's a 2.5 hour flight from Toronto and I figure I'll be waiting at least an hour in the airport after I check in but before I board.
I can't seem to get it to less than 8 books no matter how hard I try.

There are 4 library books, all of which were on my reserve list. And I can't renew any of them because there are oodles of people waiting for them.

4 library books (due back 2 days after I get back):

4 books that I own (and I was *supposed* to only take books I own with me, sigh):

With the exception of The Night Watch the books that are mine would likely stay in PEI with various family members.

Suggestions about buying books is good but...are you ready for hometown doesn't have a bookstore (or at least didn't the last time I has been two years). I know. Shocking! I'd have to drive to Charlottetown which is about 50 km away. Or buy the bestsellers in the grocery store. Or raid the box of Harlequins that is a fairly standard fixture in most homes in our area (the boxes tend to travel from house to house actually).

Oh and since I won't have internet in PEI it means I won't be able to blog about all these books until sometimes after June 25th. No blogging!!! Also shocking!

Must get to cleaning so I can sit down with Christopher Moore during the hockey game.