I too am behind

Heather at Bibleeohfile is behind in her summer reading challenge. I too am falling behind. I was just going to post a comment on her blog but blogger has a full on hate for me lately and rarely lets me post comments on any blogs which is started to get annoying. Especially as it often happens when Em is being amusing (actually Em is just amusing and interesting in general - she has insane neighbours and doorbell ringing dementors - go read). And then of course I forget to go back and comment.

So Heather - don't worry. I read two books the first week and have not actually finished a challenge book since (although I have finished other non-challenge books, lol).

Heather is blaming Sense and Sensibility. I'm with her on that. I think that's my problem with Austen. I like her, really, and I really want to like everything of hers but P&P was just so darned good that everything else just doesn't quite compare. But, oddly enough, I did just see S&S on Bravo the other night and I did quite enjoy the movie. I think I may have enjoyed the movie more than I enjoyed the book although I kinda wanted to to slap Marianne by times. And I will say I enjoyed the end of the movie better than the end of the book but I won't say why here cause that would just be mean to Heather.

(Question - why is it that in P&P both Lizzie and Jane are called Miss Bennett but in S&S Eleanor is called Miss Dashwood and Marianne is called Miss Marianne???)

In order to get through S&S I just had to dive in and plough through despite the fact that I had other more tempting books about. Which is what I should be doing with the Moonstone but I'm so not. It's just hard when I have the lure of the new Marian Keyes and Christopher Moore (CHRISTOPHER MOORE people!!!) sitting on my shelf begging me to please pick them up and read them and love them. Sigh.

Ok, that's it. The Moonstone and nothing but the Moonstone until I finish the darned thing and then I'm rewarding myself with death in a mint green suit and the continuing story of the Walsh family.