Summertime and the livin' is easy

So supposedly we are having a bit of a heat wave here in Toronto with crappy air quality (you know, I do remember a life without smog, it was nice) and high humidity and your general run of the mill heat.

I haven't noticed a darned thing.

Apparently there's something to be said for the subterranean work-at-home anti-social mole-person lifestyle I'm living. I spent most of the day wearing a sweater and with my feet wrapped in a blanket. No, I don't have air conditioning. And don't be phased by the blanket. It can be 35C and I'll still have a blanket. I'm like that. But seriously - heat wave? What heat wave? I took a hot bubble bath tonight. It was great.

*ducks as people throw eggs at her*

A plus side of summer hibernation is that I'm getting lots of reading done which is good because I'm getting things out of the way before my summer reading challenge starts tomorrow. I've made a decent dent in Mount TBR. And I have oodles of food kicking around so I don't need to run to the store. Why would I go out in the heat? Ok, I do stick my head outside the door a few times a day when I go out to check the mail, etc. but then I feel the heat and humidity press down on my lungs sucking out half the air and I turn around and run back to hide in my nice cool hobbit hole.

I'm reading a book right now that alternates between annoying me and making me feel guilty about the way I've spent money in the last month. I'll finish it tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully tonight so I can jump right into the history book I want to start reading for the challenge tomorrow (although that would be much more likely if I went offline...). I took a break from the personal finance genre because I was feeling a bit dulled by it but I think I've realized it's good to read these books to remind myself of what I'm working towards. Personal finance blogs just are not the same, even though there are some good ones out there. Sometimes it's just really easy to skim through posts in my feeds.

This book did come to me in a good time I suppose. I keep thinking of what I need to bring my mother when I go to visit. If nothing else it's reminded me that above anything else she really just wants to see me. That being said, I do have two relatively inexpensive items I keep meaning to pick up for her because we've talked about them and I might nose around in the Indian shops close to me and see what I can pick up for her that she can't get easily at home (she loves curry). I do need to figure out a grad gift for my nephew. The kid never gets presents from me and I figure graduation is a good time. Unfortunately I have no clue what to get him. I should call my sister at some point and ask her.

Hmm what else can I ramble about...X-Weighted??? I haven't talked about that in awhile. Holy crap the women last night faced some serious stuff during the time she was involved in the show (I think it was 4 months - sometimes it's 6 months, sometimes 4). Aside from dealing with her weight and the death of her best friend which was part of the reason she was on the show to begin with, shortly into the program she was diagnosed with breast cancer. And didn't tell anyone. And almost didn't do radiation therapy (she did have a lumpectomy though) but she took part in Run for the Cure and talked to some survivors and changed her mind. AND THEN during the last fitness test she collapsed doing the step ups because (and I didn't totally catch this when she said it on the show so I could be a bit off) there is something causing pressure at the base of her skull and she can basically pass or have a seizure at any time. *SCARY* She did end up losing 9 inches and about 20 lbs which all things considered isn't too bad. I don't think she was completely ready for this program but it did get her in contact with a psychologist and she was starting regular therapy which I think is a positive step. Between losing her best friend, breast cancer, and her other health issues I know I'd need it if I were her.
I feel kinda bad for Paul. Pretty much everyone goes through the program hates him. I mean, I can see why. If I had to listen to him and his "encouragement" as I was exercising I'd likely bitch-slap him. But he really does mean well and he does care about the participants. He really does want to help them even if his method is really annoying (but at the same time kinda necessary).

Oh right - what made me think of X-Weighted is that my abs hurt. Because every time I watch X-Weighted it reminds me that I'm not doing myself any favours by sitting on my butt so much. And that I'm not doing as much stretching as I should be and that I haven't been doing ab exercises at all (abs to help strengthen my lower back). So last night I did ab work and OWIE. I have to say though...I don't actually mind ab work so much because I really do see the result of the owieness quite quickly. Kinda of like how when I do any weights with my arms I can see the results quite quickly because I have chicken arms (the arm equivalent to chicken legs). I also did a few push ups (or as close as I can do to them) but I'm wondering if that's counter-productive because I have orders from my RMT to stretch my pecs several times a day. Meh. I dunno. The whole world of muscle building/fitness/athleticism is foreign and scary to me.

More than a long enough ramble for tonight. I'm way over the three paragraph limit. ;-)