Not Buying It

not buying itAnd oh my giddy aunt am I ever glad I didn't. Buy it that is.

You see, based on the title of Judith Levine's Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping I actually thought it might be more of a memoir type of book. And it parts. But mostly it was a socio-political take on American consumerism. Oh and some Bush-hating. Which is all fine and good but you know, if I wanted to read an anti-consumerism book I would. If I wanted to read an anti-Bush book I would. What I *wanted* to read was how someone went a year with buying only things that they decided was necessary and you know, what those things were and how they dealt with it.

We see bits and pieces of this. For example, they gave up q-tips. Now I'm sorry, I wouldn't give up q-tips. I might switch to a cheapo brand but I'm not giving them up. They gave up all processed foods and talked about food co-ops etc but never really said what they cooked. And did she ever join the co-op? How did she deal with the 8 hours of volunteer time that seemed so overwhelming/??. It mentions whether or not good toilet paper is a necessity or if you have to use the cheapo scratchy type but doesn't say what they decide. THIS is what I want people. Q-tips and toilet paper.

I wanted a personal story. I wanted more than a passing reference to personal finance because, you know, this was sent out to personal finance bloggers to review. I got socio-political commentary instead. Bummer.

Maybe it's not actually a bad book. I really can't judge because I was too busy looking for the parts about toilet paper to notice.