I hate when I do this

I stopped at the butcher's on my way back from my massage and I bought too much stuff again. Gah! Bad Karen! 

I still have some stuff in the fridge that needs to be used up. Plus today was my organic grocery delivery day (by the way - 2 lbs of bananas isn't nearly as much as I thought it was). But did that stop me from buying too much stuff?? Nooooooooo

I left with kabobs. I thought I'd be able to eat two of them but no (silly monkey!) so I have one of those left over.  Plus I bought some Bombay Chicken Salad because it looks tasty so I thought it would be good for lunch tomorrow.  And then I bought lamb burger as well. I was planning to have the lamb burgers for dinner tomorrow but they'll have to hold off another day.

Ok you know...once I write all that down it doesn't seem too bad.  But it FEELS like I have way too much.