Another session done

I had my second massage therapy appointment today. Apparently I'm a bit less tense than last time although I might be stretching my pecs a bit too much when I'm doing my daily stretches. He did get to dig a little deeper this time and oh boy am I feeling it.

After I told him about my back woes from the weekend he decided to poke around and he thinks he found the muscle that is giving me grief. He found a muscle that hurts like hell when poked and prodded in any case. It's hard to get at which makes all the more fun. He found some other sore spots at well. I'm hurting right now.

I have to "stretch as much as possible" every day and do ab strengthening exercises. The daily neck and pec stretches are easy enough to fit in - I have them scheduled in my outlook calendar. But it looks like I'm going to have to do yoga or pilates most days and ab exercises several times a week.

Looks like I'm getting my butt kicked into exercising. But I know one thing for certain, it's not going to happen today. I'm OWIE!

Next appointment is next week. Then likely the week after that. After that point I'm not quite sure. I'm hoping to be able to knock it down to every other week at that point because a. I have deadlines and b. I really can't afford to go every week.