I'm such a sucker

Sigh. I had cleaned all the boxed out of the living room/office.  Yet today I sit hear staring at two of them piled on the ledge.  You see I made the mistake of caving to Piper's pleading looks and let her up into the living room windows.  I live in a basement, the windows are at ground level which more or less is ceiling level.  Piper can access the window in the bedroom (via the dresser) but can't see a whole lot out of there.  

Since the weather has gotten much warmer I've been keeping the windows open during the day. And every day when I climb up on the ledge to open the windows, there's Piper on the ledge with me.  So today I lifted her up in the window and she was sooooooooooo happy because she could see so much more (there were *birdies*).  But then I nearly killed both of us getting her down (the ledge isn't that wide and it's hard to balance and hold a squirming cat).  Piper then walked around and circles and kept looking up at the window, then looking at me, and then looking at the window and meowing. 

I caved. I hauled out two bankers boxes and put them on the ledge.  Piper, being not the smartest of beasts, didn't realize that she could get up there.  So I had to use her jump command and she eventually figured it out (yes she has a jump command - she responds most of the time although not always). And Piper spent all afternoon jumping up and down from the window. She's exhausted now and napping in my desk chair.  It's be an extra exciting day for her.