I discovered this show a few weeks ago. I'm not sure what time it normally airs but I tend to catch it on Sunday afternoon reruns (hmm apparently it's primetime spot is Tuesdays at 9). I love this show. It's basically a show about weight loss but it's also so much more. They take a person, examine their lifestyle, why they want to lose weight, how much they have to lose and how they are going to do it. The person keep a video diary and every few weeks meets with the fitness and nutrition expert.

One of my big beefs about a lot of the "change your life" shows out there is that they only study people for about 3 weeks. Anyone who has been on a diet or joined a gym or just tried to make healthier habits knows that it's easy to start strong, it's harder to stay strong. Especially when life gets in the way. One of the things that I love about this show is that it follows people for about 6 months. You see them go through highs and lows. You see life get in the way and you see how they handle it.

I've seen a few episodes of this show. The one I saw today was about Jocelyn. I loved her! She has the most engaging personality I've seen on the show. And there was something about her that reminded me of one of my sisters as well, so that may have been part of what endeared her to me. One of my favourite moments from this episode was from one of her video diaries. She talked about having a "disease" and her condition was that she was a "people pleaser". She said that the more that we do things to try to please other people the further we move away from ourselves. And she was done. She was going to become a bitch. A skinny bitch. While watching the show you know that this woman could never really be a bitch. But by making that statement you know that what she was really saying is that she was now going to live her life for her.

I seriously like this show. Yes I'm small. Yes I've actually struggled with being underweight rather than overweight. My solution to that was to basically become really, really sedentary. I've gained weight so it's worked. I'm not happy with this. Despite the fact that I'm a healthier weight, I think I'm actually less healthy. I move far less now. I don't have a lot of energy. I'm having back problems. The weather is nice. I'm a 5 minute walk from biking/running/walking/cycling paths. A ten minute walk way from a beach and boardwalk. The weather is nicer now (in the winter it's COLD down by the lake). I have no excuse not to go outside. Except the fact that I'm a LAZY ASS.

But even *I* - the Queen of the Lazy Asses - find this show inspiring. It makes me want to get outside and move. It makes me want to get fit. It makes me want to move. It makes me want to drop and do push-ups (had my floor not been covered with books and other crap I might have). When it was over I actually got up off my butt and cleaned my bedroom. And my living room floor. And I'll do the dishes in a bit.

But don't worry. I'm sure this motivation will pass all too soon. But it will come back.

But if you get this show, I think it's exclusive to the Life Network Canada (all the participants are from Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver), I do recommend it. If not, their website does have some good information. I particularly like their food journaling tips but then I tend to be a big fan of food journaling in general.

Here are some excerpts from Jocelyn's reflections on her X-Weighted experience:

Little did I know that my weight loss would have a huge impact on how I felt, and would fast-track me to becoming a stronger, happier, woman.

I don’t feel so helpless now.

mmm FREEDOM. I love that word. I do feel freer -- and stronger, too. It is verhttp://technorati.com/tag/x-weightedy empowering to take control of your life. I didn't expect to feel that. When you lose weight suddenly, you want the rest of your life to be better, too, and you feel that if you can change this you can change anything!

It’s funny how being fat isn't just about being fat and how losing the fat helps you to discover your true self. So who is that?