Pretty, Little, Dirty - I actually finished a book!

pretty little dirty amanda boydenAmanda Boyden's Pretty, Little Dirty is told through the eyes and the memory of Lisa. Lisa and Celeste move to the same town at the same time. They become fast friends. They are smart. They are privileged. They are beautiful. Lisa's home is not ideal. Her mother suffers from mental illness. Her father all but ignores her. She becomes wrapped up in Celeste's world as the Diamonds unofficially adopt her. She finds love in their home that she never knew at hers.

But from the beginning you know that something happens. That something happens that drags these girls into another world. One of drugs and booze and sex and the type of rock and roll show where if you only leave with a black eye it was a crappy night. Yet you suspect that they were dragged along willingly. And you spend the book wondering how it happened. Even after you see it happen you wonder how and why and when it happened.

There is a line in the book, where Lisa wonders this herself. She wonders what it would be like to have the hand of a god and be able to go and put your finger on that one moment. What would be different?

I think I understand Lisa, she's really quite easy to understand. But Celeste...I don't understand her. The story is told through Lisa though, and Lisa herself doesn't understand Celeste. She loves her. She worships her. She lives for her. But she never really understands her.

Parts of this book are graphic. It's not a book for people who don't do coarse language and blunt scenes. There are triggers here. The blurb on the back of the book really doesn't quite prepare you for what you will read. Honestly, I think there have been times in my life where this would have been a very bad read for me. I think it could have very much messed with my head in another time and place.

But the book is compelling. Amanda Boyden sucks you into Lisa's world. It's in my head. Days from now I'll still be wondering how? Why? When? I believe I'm going to have trouble moving on to a next book because this one has taken up residence in my brain and doesn't want to leave.