I'm even *dreaming* about my library books now. lol  I had a dream last night where if I kept clicking on some button on the library site a whole bunch of times I could bump myself up to the top of the request list and get the books I really want immediately. It was a "secret" that I somehow discovered.  

I just checked my library account and I have three more books waiting for me. I was just there last night.  Since there are gardening books in there I'll probably go out and pick them up in a bit (I'm still working on my morning coffee). Hmm maybe I'll get a pizza while I'm up there too. I haven't had pizza in a couple of weeks. 

I think today may end up being a reading day. I was planning to spend most of the day outside but it's not the nicest of days.  So I'm leaning towards reading. And flipping back and forth between HGTV, TLC and the Food Network. ;)