Just call me wrap girl

So I've been knitting again lately. Rather than sit in front of the TV with the laptop I've been sitting in front of the tv with my knitting needles. I've been working on the same project for 1.5 years. I'm sick of it. But in the next day or so I should finally finish this...thing.  You see i just cast on a bunch of stitches and started knitting this wide wrap thingie.  It will soon be long enough to do something with...but what? It's basically a long rectangle. I'm thinking about sewing two corners together, and make pseudo-sleeves that will really just function to keep it from falling off my shoulders. And keep me from needing to pin it. I can see it in my mind and it looks good.  Reality will likely be different story.  When I finish this will only be the second project I've finished.  I'm the type that often starts projects and rarely finishes them because I get distracted by something bright and shiny. Ohh speaking of which I have a bracelet to make as well. Hmmmmm. 

I've been reading a fair number of knitting blogs lately. And it seems that most people seem to be sock people.  I just can't see me as a sock knitter. I'm really not that big on socks. Maybe some day I'll make a pair and change my mind but in the meantime, nah.  I prefer to walk around my apartment sockless.  

So I've decided I'm going to be a knitter of wraps and scarves. Maybe even sweaters.  Because my arms, shoulders, and neck often get cold. So it makes sense right???

But first to finish this stinking thing. Then next to find a new project to work on. Shouldn't be too hard right?