In the zone

Do ever find that you can get into the zone, the place where things just work and your brain just sees things, at the weirdest times? Times where you would think that your brain just wouldn't work?

For me it's when I'm tired, and ready to sleep. I'm at the point where I'm amazed my brain works at all and yet it will suddenly take on a superability to do logic. I do logic and sudoku puzzles quite often. It's good brain exercise for the type of work that I do. We're often given information on subject we don't quite understand and have to add that information to existing information in way that makes sense to people who do understand. lol Doesn't that sound fun??? So I find that logic and sudoku puzzles help me keep my brain working in a weird illogically logical way in down times. Like this week. I know there's all kinds of work piling, piling, piling up and yet there's not that much to actually do at this exact moment (the end of this month is gonna *hurt*).

And so everyday I try to do at least 1 sudoku or logic puzzle. It's even on my daily to do list. Along with things like knitting 4 lines in my stupid shawl-type thing that's not finished even though I've been working on it for almost two years (I think I only have a few inches left, I may actually finish before my birthday...). More often than not when I sit down to do one puzzle I end up doing more than one.  

So last night I crawled into bed with my book of sudoku.  I was sleepy and the first one seemed to take forever to do.  But then I did another one, and another one and another one.  I was tired and could barely keep my eyes open but yet I could *see* those answers like they were written out in front of me. It was exhilerating! My brain went to this whole place where it was just functioning like it ought to all the time but doesn't. 

Hmmm maybe there was a method to the madness of all those all-nighters before finals in university? My brain seems to have peak performance when I'm really tired. lol