Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

snow flower and the secret fan Lisa SeeI'm really not sure about Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. I found it interesting but I'm really not sure why people are crazy about it.

I found it interesting to learn about the culture and the lives of women during this time. And the descriptions of the foot-binding process were truly cringe-worthy. The whole system of nu shu, or women's writing, was really intriguing. The whole idea of putting the words in context kind of reminded me of communicating online and how you may have words but not tone in conversations.

I think one of the things that kind of bothered me about this is that when Lily, the main character, is talking and thinking and describing things it's in one style and then her messages in another. So when she turns to writing messages in nu shu to Snow Flower in a totally different style it just didn't see right to me. I know that the writing style for these messages is historical correct but it just seemed off to me because it didn't seem to me that Lily's mind worked this way. It's also a bit slow and I just kept waiting for something to happen, especially in the mountains.

Since finishing I've been scanning through some reviews trying to figure out why this is so popular. Most people seem to really, really love it. One person commented on perspective. She said there were moments where knew that the book written by someone who didn't live through this period and that it would pull her back out of the book when this happened. Maybe that's what it was for me. I think maybe I found Lily's tone in thinking much more modern than her messages. I felt like I was being bounced back and forth between modern thought and historical expression.

Has anyone read this? Did you like it? Can you explain to me why? Cause I just simply don't get why people are gushing over this one.