We Are All Welcome Here

we are all welcome here elizabeth bergI haven't read any of Elizabeth Berg's other novels but I've seen them on many lists. We Are All Welcome Here was interesting. The idea for it came from a fan of hers. She says in the foreword that she never takes story ideas from fans but the story of this woman's mother impressed and intrigued her and she couldn't stop thinking about it. While Paige is inspired by a real person, it is fiction.

The story is mostly told from Diana's perspective. A 14 year old who struggles with all the normal 14 year old stuff with the added responsiblity of helping care for her mother, Paige, during the nights. Paige can't move any part of her body below the head.

It's an interesting and sweet read. I was afraid it would end up being heavy and serious. There are serious subjects raised but Diana's innocence keeps things from getting too heavy.