I think I've figured out yet another thing about my library account. When I log into my account and go to hold I have the option of cancelling holds. I noticed last week when I went to cancel a hold that I was unable to do so because it was in transit. And then it was at my library the next day. I've been keeping an eye on this over the last week and it seems to be regular pattern which is good because it lets me know when books are really coming my way. Often it will say that a book is in transit but it's not necessarily in transit to *me* it's just in transit to someplace. Also sometimes I'm number 5 on the hold list and yet I'll still get the book (variety of reasons there - some hold are inactive and sometimes there are just oodles of copies). There's a book that I'm number 16 on right now but I am currently unable to cancel the hold leading me to believe that it's actually on it's way to me, which is nice because I originally requested it in January (sometimes it takes a looonnggg time to get books).

Little by little I'm figuring out the hidden intricacies of my library. ;)