Wandering Along

Despite the fact that I slept in until 10:30 this morning, a rare event chez Monkey and I only slept in that much because I was up until 3 reading, I managed to get outside and wander for about 4 hours. It's soooooo nice outside today. I headed to The Beach (the community, not the sand/water location and it helped a lot more when you could call the The Beaches without incurring people's wrath because it was much easier to distinguish the beach and The Beaches than the beach and The Beach).

On my wandering I bought a shirt that was discounted by about $100. Trust me, it wouldn't be worth the extra $100 that I didn't pay for it. But it's quite cute. Then I bought some rechargeable batteries. Stopped to eat a hotdog. Went to Ben and Jerry's and bought ice-cream (don't try the baklava flavour - it's really not very good). Then I headed down to the beach. I had just planned to walk through but ended up taking off my shoes, rolling up my jeans and sitting there for over an hour. It was nice and peaceful other than the HUGE ASS fish (trout maybe??) that was in really close to the shore and was dying. It had some kind of infection. It's eyes were all bulgy and *disgusting*. There were also swans. The swans were nice and it amused me when they wiggled their butts. As usual I wanted to yell at people who allowed their kids to throw rocks at the swans and the dying fish. People suck. Oddly I didn't want to yell at people with their dogs although I question the logic of allowing your dog to swim close to a dying and obviously infected fish.

On the way home I wandered through Woodbine Park. Then managed to get in the house, just narrowly missing having to say hello to my upstairs neighbours. I really don't like having to be social with them. ;)

My feet hurt now. I'm hurt it's the combination of the hot sand/rocks at the beach and the fact that I walked about 6k. When I got home and sat down my leg muscles were doing that twitchy thing they do when I walk a lot. lol I may need to choose my shoes carefully tomorrow though. I'm going to try to pick up some summer skirts and shirts. Since I've gained a few pounds things aren't quite fitting the same. Also tomorrow is double discount day for irewards members at Chapters and Indigo. 

From what I can tell I didn't get a sunburn. That's good because while I was wearing sunscreen on my face I didn't have any on arms.