Make Him Look Good

make him look goodI didn't really enjoy Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez's Make Him Look Good at all. It had potential because it had some potentially good characters. But then they did stupid things and it annoyed me.

I think she wrote from too many points-of-view in this book. There are 5 women mentioned in the blurb on the bad of the book. But then she ends up writing from at least 5 other views as well so that brings it up to 10 characters and I might be forgetting some. Oh right, there's also one small section from the cat's view so that's 11... Also, when starting a new section it was sometimes difficult to figure out who was speaking for a few paragraph and I found that annoying.

Towards the end some of the characters just just seemed to disappear. Well, not really disappear. They are still mentioned but there is nothing in their voice.

Honestly, not worth your time. Pass this one by.