Give me a break

Dear Chick Calling from Ottawa,

It was very clever of you to look up the street address for the neighbours upstairs to try to get in touch with them. I'm assuming since you are her friend you know that She lives with He. Neither of which is Me. I very obviously don't have the same name. Nor does my name in any way sound like a He name. And no, I don't know their phone number. Do *you* know the number of all *your* neighbours? That's what I thought. Even if I did know it would I give the number so some strange person who called my number by looking up my street address??? Seriously do I sound that stupid??? And yes, I am aware that Ottawa is long distance. What does that have to do with me? So yeah, don't be pissy with me when you obviously called the wrong number.


The bitchy chick who lives downstairs from She