i have a bed make of buttermilk pancakesOk, this is the deal. I don't want to talk about the plot of Jaclyn Moriarty's I Have a Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes because I didn't know anything about the plot when I picked up this book and I think that made it far more interesting. And because of that I had no idea what was going on for a good chunk of the book. That kept me reading.

I will say that I think the person who wrote this is pretty clever.

I spent most of the book thinking "This is odd." I wasn't totally sure if it was a good odd or a bad odd. I was pretty sure it was a good odd but it had the potential to be bad odd. In the end it was good odd.

Oh and in the end it really all does make sense.

If you are wondering about the title in this post, the plot focuses around a family with the surname Zing. The Zings are...interesting.

So if you decide to read this book, don't read anything about it. It's better that way.

Edit: Yikes! I didn't realize that this wasn't widely available in the US until I saw Denise's comment. I had checked amazon.com previously and saw that it was there but didn't look closely. You cannot buy new copies on either amazon.com or at Barnes & Noble. Amazon.ca and Chapters.Indigo.ca both have it. The prices are about the same at both although amazon.ca offers more shipping options. But hey, if you ordering from a Canadian site pick up a copy of The Boys while you are at it.

Sorry guys! I didn't realize this was another one of those only 10 libraries have it type of dealies. :(