Queen of Babble

queen of babble meg cabotI had to check and make sure that it was ok to post about this here and yay it is!

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot is the very first book I've gotten from the HarperCollins.ca First Look program. Thanks Danielle for telling me about the US version! :)

I've posted about enough Cabot books by now that you guys know I like her. She's fun, especially after spending all day wrapping my head around highly technical stuff (that I'm never sure I totally understand).

So what's Meg Cabot got for us this summer? She's got Lizzie (not Liz) Nichols causing all kinds of trouble over Europe. You see, Lizzie is one of those people who can't quite manage to say the right thing. She always tells the truth, most often to the exact person you don't want her to tell. Her family has christened this habit the LBS - Lizzie Broadcasting System.

I spent the first part of this book screaming, “No! No! No!” inside my head as I was afraid that Meg Cabot had suddenly morphed into someone else and was setting Lizzie up to be a truly stupid girl. But luckily that did not happen. It’s soon revealed that Lizzie is not a stupid girl; she’s just a bit lost. It’s understandable considering she finds out that she still needs to finish her thesis and therefore didn’t really graduate (she's a history of fashion major), her wonderful boyfriend turns out to be a jerk, and everyone who told her that going to England to be with him was a bad idea was right. As she heads off to France to join her friends the question is can she find herself and maybe manage to snag herself a worthy boyfriend in the process? And can the Queen of Babble learn how to keep a secret?

Lizzie kind of reminded me of Mia a bit. You know, Mia all grown up and not a princess and way more into clothes than say, saving the environment. The same quirkiness was there.

It’s a fun read and a good book to throw into your bag as you head off to the beach or the pool this summer.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this book is currently available for purchase in Canada but will not be available in the US until June 1.