Monday, Monday

Yep, it's Monday. But it was an ok Monday because I had the day off. Thank you Queen Vicki! Let's recap.

Friday - stupid neighbours, heat, cranky call to landlord.

Saturday - wake up to note from landlord (he does rock, I feel bad bring up problems but his other tenants SUCK), go to Starbucks, go to Lettuce Knit, wander around the city with Mikey, go to St. Lawrence Market, go to visit with the mommies and eat a hella lot of Rice Krispie Squares (oh and butter tarts...mmm), come home, read.

Sunday - play on computer, get talked into seeing The Da Vinci Code (I KNOW but Jony said he'd go see X-3 in return), go to butcher, clean, Jony came over and we made oven subs, went to movie, came home, read until 1 (neighbours played music loud until midnight, they are pretty decent about that overall now days).

Monday - get up, start a new book, read, notice neighbours have unloaded everything they were storing in the laundry room (they have a storage closet in their apartment, why they can't use it is beyond me), go to beach with Jony as he christened his new kite, went to Starbucks, came home, read. Now blogging.

I'm tired and so far have only gotten 2 books read this weekend. sigh.