Girl Sleuth

girl sleuth nancy drewGirl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the woman who created her by Melanie Rehak was good. I found it a bit slow in parts but it was likely because I knew I had a pile of books behind it waiting to be read.

I've never been a big mystery person. I got into Nancy Drews late, long after reading the Outdoor Girls and the Motor Girls. I actually made my way to Nancy Drew via the Hardy Boys. My brother has a large collection of the hardbacks and I started reading them one day when I was over. After I read my way through his books I started in on Nancy Drews. They had be purchased from the ground up though. We bought most of them at yard sales and flea markets. I eventually had a pretty good collection. I'm not sure what happened to them. I think they might have been sold off in sets at our own yard sales. It's kinda sad but I really don't have room for them either.