^$#*ing Neighbours

Guess what??? They have their a/c and the heat on at the same time AGAIN. I don't know if they are home, I think they are, but when I knocked on their door 30 minutes ago the lights were off and they didn't answer (I wouldn't answer after midnight either). So I called my landlord and left a cranky message on his voicemail. And then remembered there's a switch in the laundry room that does "something" to the furnace - turns the fan off? on low? something like that? - so I followed up with an email about that and again expressed my annoyance at the situation while apologizing for leaving a voicemail so late at night and emailing him to complain about things again.

How stupid do you have to be to do this twice in one week? And who the hell needs a/c on when it's raining and 10C outside in MAY? (That would be 50f for you guys to the south of me.)

And how do I know that their a/c is on? Because I can hear it running because it's almost right outside my window. Which is open. To cool down my apartment. And I need it to cool down faster because I want to sleep and I can't go to sleep with my windows open. I live in a basement apartment, I really don't need to go into how that's not exactly safe do I? Didn't think so.

You know, despite the ranting here about the garbage issues and the subwoofer deal (btw...I think it may be gone, haven't heard it in awhile) I've tried to be pretty tolerant of them. I know they are a few years younger than I am (but you know what, they really aren't that much younger, only a couple of years, so totally old enough to pull their heads out of their asses). But they are PISSING ME OFF AND I'M DONE.

That thermostat is being moved. End.of.story.

And if they say one god damned word about me going to the landlord about this I will tear them a new asshole.

Edit: Awoke to two notes shoved under the door by my landlord who was apparently here at 3am to make sure we hadn't boiled in our beds. Sigh. I feel bad because I like my landlord and I do hate to cause him problems. However he chose a pair of fuckwits for tenants so it is his problem.  Bah.