Ahhh and owwww

Pleasure and pain...at the same time. There's nothing like it.

A few months ago JustLinda posted about how she wanted someone to rub all over her. And not want sex in return. I've found such a creature. However he does want cash in return. He charges hourly.

No I haven't lost my mind. I've just started something that I've put off for well...years. I finally started massage therapy after years of doctors suggesting it. Yes I know you all think that I'm insane for putting this off. But you need to know there's a different between therapeautic massage and a relaxing spa massage. A spa massage would not suffice for me. I have some seriously tense muscles. Just ask anyone that has ever tried to work one of them out. Unless you are a trained professional it's not a fun experience - for anyone. About a month ago my doctor suggested massage therapy. I actually have insurance that will cover x visits a year and money to cover what they don't cover so I said sure.

And then I did nothing. For a month.

And then yesterday I HURT. A lot. Enough that I finally broke down and made an appointment. And then I worried about it. All night. lol

When I say I'm tense, I'm tense. No one ever really believes me. The RMT today - he didn't really believe it until he started poking at me. I have oodles and oodles of tense muscles. And he really did his best not to hurt me but you know, sometimes those muscles just really don't like to be touched. At all. Evenly lightly.

At the end our hour (which went by way too quickly) we had a talk about my posture a my computer. I need to set up a reminder for stretches every few hours and stretch for about 5 minutes each time. And I have to go back fairly often for the next few weeks. Ideally we'll be able to get it down to once a month but for now I have to come in every week or every other week at a minimum. As he put it there's stuff there that he didn't even begin to deal with yet but he was already worried about how sore I'll be tomorrow.

Which takes me to his suggested post-massage prescription. A hot bath. Which I'm abotu to go take because I've been home for about 2 hours now and my back is starting to hurt quite a bit.

But that's so my type of assignment. ;-)