Summer Reading Challenge

Ok, I'll bite. I haven't tried to do one of these in years. But hey, why not??? So this is me jumping on the bandwagon.

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I didn’t want do a standard read two books a week challenge because, aside from the April and May lull, it wouldn’t really be much of a stretch for me. So starting on June 1 I’m going to do 28 books in 14 weeks with the following parameters:

  1. Read book I own but haven’t read x 5

  2. Read a banned/challenged book x4

  3. Read a classic that I haven’t read before x4

  4. Read a history book x 3

  5. Read a book I’ve started before but never finished x 3

  6. Read a biography x 2

  7. Read a play (at least one Shakespeare) x 2

  8. Read a non-fiction book about something scientific (how’s that for nice and general?) x 2

  9. Read a book of poetry x 1

  10. Read a collection of short stories x 1

  11. Read a book in French x1

Total books = 28

This really is going to be challenging for me but I think I can do it.

I’m itching to get started but this doesn’t start until June 1. So I’ll plan and plot. Hmmm think I can tackle a Harry Potter book in French? I actually own a few of them in French.